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Fusion 360 Design Challenge


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Fusion 360 Design Challenge

Embrace Design & Bring your Ideas to Life

The Education team at Autodesk is excited to bring you a series of inspirational design competitions to challenge your imagination. By participating in these exciting competitions, you can show off your skills, amaze your friends and family, and get the chance to win some fantastic prizes.

Autodesk inspires young people to imagine design and create a better world through our extensive portfolio of design software and fun apps.
Explore our competitions and see where your creativity, combined with our tools, can take you

Design Challenges

Monthly Design Challenge

● Register for Design Competition
● Autodesk Account Creation Guide
● Download Fusion 360 Software
● Submit your Design
● Share your design Public Link
(ex: https://a360.co/3cWDkeI)
with Rendered Image and PPT
Download the sample PPT

October Month Challenge

Design Topic For Month #4 (October)

"Design an Innovative Robot"

before 2027 that will help run a modern home



Monthly Challenge Prizes

Winner - Cash Voucher worth INR 5,000 + Fusion 360 merchandise

Top 3: ‍1st Runner Up - Cash Voucher worth INR 3,000 + Fusion 360 merchandise

Top 6: ‍2nd Runner Up - Cash Voucher worth INR 2,000 + Fusion 360 merchandise.


Mega Challenge Prizes

Winner - Cash Voucher worth INR 25,000 + Fusion 360 merchandise + Certificate

1st Runner Up - Cash Voucher worth INR 10,000 + Fusion 360 merchandise + Certificate

2nd Runner Up - Cash Voucher worth INR 5,000 + Fusion 360 merchandise + Certificate

Design Criteria

Download Fusion 360
All challenge entries must be designed using Fusion 360.
A snapshot of the design in the appropriate workspace is required for all entries. Please ensure that the timeline/design history is clearly visible.
Still images, videos, and animated GIFs of the design are accepted.
Complete all 6(six) Monthly Challenges to Enter the MEGA CHALLENGE


The competition is open for fulltime students enrolled under Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses (at the time of registrations and at the time of submissions the student has to be part of the college) of Anna University Tamilnadu. A student can participate as an individual only, Faculty members are encouraged to guide their student teams. In turn, the platform offers them excellent networking opportunities with global peers.

Important Dates

Middle of July 2020
15th November 2020 (September Month Challenge)
Design Now Webinar:
9th Oct to 14th Oct 5:00 PM
click the link below to Register the webinar: https://autodesk.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwsf-CrrDoqG910AxZq81bCbnxMtO4duBUu

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Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation criteria will include novelty of the idea, complexity, clarity, and details in the prescribed format, feasibility, practicability, sustainability, the scale of impact, user experience, and potential for future work progression.

All entries will be judged based on the following criteria (the “Criteria”):

Evaluation Criteria Weightage
Design Objective 10%
Design Process 10%
Creativity and Novelty of Design 30%
Autodesk Software Usage (Technology), Specific Software workflow 30%
Impact /User Experience/Presentation 20%


Email: [email protected]
Rohit +91 7559881729
Kiran P +91 8971062676

For Tamil Support:
Prithvirajan +91 7358677052